A Treaty Diamond is Forever, by Cathy Calfchild and Carrie Lester, March 25, 2013, Toronto. Photo courtesy Nicky Young.



Genocide is Genocide by Carrie Lester with Sigrid Kneve, Sue Lynn Manon and friends.  At John Kenebutch’s Thanksgiving intervention, Un-Celebrating Thanksgiving and Columbus Day!  Nathan Philips Square October 8, 2018.



Cathy Calfchild and Carrie Lester in solidarity with Attawapiskat, at an Idle No More rally in Toronto against DeBeers Diamonds, March 24, 2013. Photo: Civilian Media dot TV.

Sign Assignment

Make a sign to raise awareness about the topic you researched from the Recognizing Settler Colonialism page.   Include a phrase that sums up the issue and a clever visual.

What are three important facts about the topic to memorize for when someone comes up and asks you what your sign is about?

Explain how the issue perpetuates settler colonialism with specific reference to at least three facts.  

Play a 10 min clip of an Indigenous perspective that supports your understanding of the issue and your explanation of it.  RUBRIC